Science Object Lesson: Body and Soul

7 Jul


It was my turn for Show and Tell the next day. I was so excited. I was going to bring my Barbie. I loved Barbies. He had other ideas. My father, an astrophysicist at NASA and a mathematician at heart, could not reconcile the idea of his second grade daughter taking Barbie to show and tell. So he taught me the fine art of making Moebius strips. We spent the evening making moebius strips for my entire class. And the next day, with a grocery bag full of Moebius strips in hand, I taught my second grade class the ins and outs of this mathematical oddity.

Years later I’ve found they are a great way to introduce the concept of an earthly body and an eternal soul.





Möbius_stripMoebius Strip: Two Sided or One Sided?

Supplies: two big strips of paper large enough for all children to see, tape, marker

Before the demonstration, make a loop with one strip of paper and tape the ends together. (The loop will look like a ring.) With the other strip of paper, make a loop but before taping the ends together, turn one end 180 degrees and tape it. (This will be a half-turn.)

(Pick up the loop without the half-turn and show it to the kids.)  How many sides does this loop have? (Let the kids guess.) I need a volunteer to make sure we are right. I need you (to the volunteer) to take this marker and draw a line around one side of the loop. (Give the child time.)  So, one side has a marker on it and the other side does not. So, the loop has two sides.

(Pick up the other loop.) I need another volunteer. How many sides do you think this loop has? (Again, allow the kids to guess.) I want you to use the marker to draw a line down the middle of the loop. Just continue to draw a line down the middle of the loop until you come back to where you started. (When the child is finished, have him show you the two sides of the loop.) This loop does not have a side unmarked. That is because it only has one side to it.

The first loop is like us. We have two parts to us, our body and our soul. Which part will live forever? Our soul will. The second loop is like God. He is a spirit. He does not have a side to him or part of him that will die. His Spirit has always been and will always be. (For older kids, show that the Moebius strip is actually the symbol for infinity.)

Note: This object lesson can also be done with all the children making their own Moebius strips.

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