One of those Sunday mornings…

10 Aug

Have you had one of THOSE mornings? You know the kind. One of your preschool teachers calls in sick and her back up teacher is out of town. Your own child is sick. Your husband is teaching his own small group that morning. You try and decide if your child is THAT sick. Maybe you could just put her in your office while you teach the preschool class. Nope that won’t work. . . you hear her in the bathroom and it isn’t good.

If you’ve been in children’s ministry for any length of time, you’ve faced a dilemma similar to this. I always had plans to make a “substitute” lesson for my classes but it seemed that always got put on the back burner. If you’re in the same boat, we’ve got the answer for you!

Our new Grab N Go bags are perfect for emergency situations. Everything you need is in the bag. And it is put together so simply that a teacher can literally pick up the bag and start teaching. Inside the front pocket, you will find six different lessons. Each lesson has all the separate activities on a card held together by a metal ring. You just read and do what it says. Then flip the card and go to the next activity. And the activities are fun but meaningful ways to learn the Bible story using methods that preschoolers love.

Also, included in the bag is a cd with the lessons that can be printed out , the activity pages and the craft pages. Just print the number of activity pages and craft pages you need and put them in a manila envelope in the bag. They are good to go. You can also use the cd to email the lesson to teachers.

Supplies that aren’t usually found in a classroom are in the bag.

Teacher emergencies just got easier.

PLUS this Grab and Go bag can be used as regular curriculum. What a great thing to use in between curriculums or as just a break from the normal curriculum.

For all our blog readers. .. we are going to offer a $10 off coupon code that will last for the next three months. Just put the code GRABNGO in when checking out in our store.

>>Shop Grab ‘n Go

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