Rockets, the Heavens and God’s Glory

21 Sep

Growing up with a dad working at NASA as a scientist, rockets and stars and astronauts was just an accepted part of our culture. We never really gave it much thought how special it was. It just was life. As I grew older and started realizing the danger involved in space flight and the wonders that these astronauts were able to see, I started to realize what a great environment I grew up in.

Today, I love to introduce kids to the wonders of outer space and to draw attention to the incredible creation that lies outside our atmosphere. One way to do this is with a fun, inexpensive rocket made out of simple items found in a grocery store.

Kids love shooting off this Kool-aid burst rocket!

Supplies: Kool-aid burst bottle, two different sized straws (one straw must fit inside the other), small piece of modeling clay

Drink the kool-aid so you have an empty bottle!

Place a pinch of the modeling clay on the end of the smaller straw. Place the larger straw in the opening of the kool-aid burst bottle, pushing it down enough so that the straw is stable. Place the smaller straw inside the larger straw with the clay top sticking out. IMPORTANT- Point the bottle AWAY from people. Squeeze the bottle and the straw will go flying across the room.

Spiritual Connection: The Glory of God

Rockets were made to shoot toward outer space. They explore space and all the wonders that we find there. When we look at space, we can see God’s glory. We can see the incredible things that He created. Psalm 19:1 tells us that “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.”  Don’t forget to look up into the sky at night and see how the heavens are declaring the glory of God.

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