Introducing Plungerman

22 Feb

Plungerman is a new character featured throughout the upcoming Easter Curriculum, X-Treme Feats, from River’s Edge Curriculum.

Enjoy this extract from an X-Treme Feats lesson, and look out for the launch of the new, 4 week Easter curriculum series.
Plungerman jumps onto stage with his plunger held out.

Plungerman! (He draws out the name in a loud, commanding voice.)

Faster than a flushing toilet

More powerful than clogged pipes

Able to unplug shower drains with a single plunge

Look! Up in front of you!

It’s a man. It’s a plunger. It’s Plungerman!

Plungerman here. Ready to be of service to the citizens of (Name your town).  I see from the looks of things that everything is under control. No need for unplugging or unclogging here?

I love my job. Plungerman loves his job. Facing menacing drains. Facing enemy lines of clogged hair. Facing the unknown. When Plungerman is called, he arrives as fast as you can flush your toilet. Plungerman is always ready for adventure.

Any adventure except ones involving LOVE. That isn’t a word that Plungerman uses lightly. I’m talking about the kissy and huggy and ooey, gooey kind of love.  A Superhero like me can’t get too romantic. It would ruin my reputation.  No, Plungerman is rough and tough. He is ready to go into action with a moment’s notice.

Of course Plungerman is all about God’s love. That kind of love isn’t something to take lightly. No, not at all. God’s love is. . is. . . more powerful than Plungerman. God’s love is . . bigger than Plungerman.  God’s love is. . . stronger than Plungerman. God’s love can do more than just unplug shower drains with a single plunge. God’s love is ENOURMOUS. God’s love is XTREME.

Voice from offstage or through a mic: Attention Plungerman. Attention Plungerman. Emergency. Plungerman is needed at 5th and Elm Street.

Plungerman snaps to attention, puts his plunger in the air, points it toward the door and runs out yelling, “Plungerman to the rescue!”

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