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15 Sep

If you are going to last in ministry, you need four things:

1. A sense of divine call
2. Warm heart for people
3. Thick skin
4. Time with God

NEW! Parent resources

8 Sep

With our Heaven’s Kitchen Curriculum, we have added something new and exciting. Every church buying the curriculum will receive a downloadable parent resource to give to their families. This is much more than a take home page. In fact, it is 61 pages of fun, interactive and simple activities for families to do together. Parents who wonder how to talk to their children about faith and what they learned at church will find this resource just what they need. Each chapter matches the Heaven’s Kitchen curriculum and is full of activities ranging from spur of the moment games to family outings to messy art work.

We are also offering Heaven’s Kitchen Family Concoctions as a stand-alone product for parents who would like to purchase it. HOWEVER, during September, this e-resource is FREE. Just use the code: HKblog to download it for free. You will have to go through the checkout process where you will enter the code.
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Excerpt from Chapter One: Soil & Seeds

Chapter One: Soil and Seeds

Point to Remember:
I should listen and learn from God’s Word.
The Parable to Read: The Sower Matthew 13:3-8, 18-23
Verse to Memorize: I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you. Psalm 119:11

Note to Parents:
We all can relate to hearing something we need to act on and al- lowing it to go in one ear and out the other. Or perhaps acting on what we have heard and then becoming distracted with life and not following through on that action. Or just giving up because the action seems too hard. Only those that persevere and keep at it will be successful. The same is true of God’s Word. We have a choice in how we are going to listen. Use the activities in this chapter to teach your child the importance of listening to God’s Word, learning from it and applying it to life.


Listening and Learning

Read The Parable of the Sower.

Adapted from Matthew 13: 3-8

Jesus often taught people by telling stories. These stories are called parables. One of the stories He told was the Parable of the Sower.

One day a sower (or farmer) went out to plant his seed. He scattered the seed on the ground in a field. Some of the seed fell on a path. The birds swooped down and ate it up. Some of the seed fell on rocky ground, where there wasn’t much soil. The seeds sprouted and plants grew quickly but the soil wasn’t deep so the plants couldn’t grow roots. When the sun came up, it dried up the plants because they had no roots. Other seed fell among thorns and weeds. The seeds sprouted and grew but the thorns crowded out the plants. Finally some seed fell on good soil. It made a huge crop that was 100, 60 or 30 times more than what was planted.

Jesus explained what the parable meant in Matthew 13:18-23.

The seeds on the path are like people who hear about God but do not understand it. The evil one comes and steals what has been planted in their hearts. The seeds on the rocky places are like those who hear about God and receive it with joy. However, they last only a short time. When trouble or suffering comes they do not remember what they learned. The seed that fell on the thorny ground are like those who hear about God and receive it, but they get worried about life and the things they want and they forget. Finally, the seed that fell on the good soil are those who understand what they hear about God. They stick with it and live it.

After reading the parable, ask the following questions:

Q: What happened to the seed that fell on the path?
A: The birds came and ate it.

Q: What happened to the seed that fell on the rocky soil?
A: It grew but then it had no roots so it wilted.

Q: What happened to the seed that fell on the thorny soil or in the weeds?
A: The weeds grew up around it and choked it.

Q: What happened to the seed that fell on the good soil?
A: It produced a HUGE crop.

Kitchen Science

-For preschoolers: Slice open an apple. Look at the seeds. Open other pieces of fruit and take out the seeds. Place the seeds in order from smallest to largest. (Fun fact – a coconut is the largest seed!)

-Plant popcorn. Place a cup of potting soil in a plastic zipper bag. Put 10 kernels of popcorn in the bag and seal it. Place in a window. In just a few days it will sprout. Watch it grow.

-Place potting soil in an aluminum rectangular pan. Write your family’s last name with seed in the soil. Water the seed and cover the pan with clear plastic wrap. Watch the herbs grow into your name.