Simple Organizational Tool for Parents, Kid’s Pastors (and really anyone!)

11 Jun

If you are like me. . . I’m always forgetting something as I run out the door. OR I tell my kids to remember something and put a sticky note on the door and it falls off.

Solution: (Found in an old Family Fun magazine)

Find a clothespin (did I say how much I love clothespins??) and a pad of small sticky notes (did I say that I love sticky notes even more than I love clothespins???). Glue the sticky notes to the clothespin. Easy to switch the message after you use one!

For instance, Josiah left his phone at our home on Friday. I know I’ll see his mother on Tuesday. However, 9 times out of 10 I’ll run out of the house without the phone. Clip it to my bag that I always take to church and I KNOW that I’ll remember when I see the clothespin note.

Genius isn’t it?


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