Kinds of Love Object Lesson

24 Jan

Supplies: red paper, scissors, envelopes

Preparation: Cut out three hearts from the paper. On each heart, write one of the phrases “KISS ME” “FRIENDS FOREVER” and “JESUS LOVES YOU.” Cut each heart into 5 pieces and place the set of hearts in an envelope. Make a set for each group of five kids.

Divide the kids into groups of 5. Give each group an envelope.

I want you to open your envelopes and dump the pieces out. Each of you take three pieces.

You are to work together on this puzzle obeying the following rules:

1. You may not talk.

2. You may not take a piece from someone else.

3. If you are unsure where the puzzle piece goes, you may give your piece to someone else to help you.

4. You may not motion for someone to give you their piece. It must be freely given.

(If the kids have a hard time, give them the clue that they are putting together three separate hearts.)

Each of your hearts has a clue to a different type of love. What type of love does the heart “KISS ME” represent? Romantic love. (You may wish to tell them this is called eros.)

What type of love does “FRIENDS FOREVER” represent? Friendship or family love. (Philia)

What type of love does “JESUS LOVES YOU” represent? God’s love. Or an unconditional love. (agape) This kind of love is the type of love that will do what is good for someone else without any regard for itself. You do not even have to like someone to love someone this way. It is loving someone the way that Jesus wants us to love.

Jesus said in Luke 10:27, ” And love your neighbor as yourself. ” 

Is He talking about a romantic love? A friendship love? No, He is talking about a love like God loves.  We can try to love other people on our own. However, we need God working through us to show this kind of love. We can love others this way because Jesus first loved us.

This object lesson comes from Sweet Jobs.

Sweet Jobs-2

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