Monday Mornings: Getting to the Heart of a Child

29 Apr

Yesterday I had the privilege of guest speaking at a church on the topic of Getting to the Heart of a Child. My favorite topic.

In my breakdown of Deuteronomy 6:4-9, I reminded parents of the necessity of being intentional. Of perseverance- impressing these things on our children takes time and patience. Of making sure that these things are in our hearts- we can’t talk about something we don’t know. We can’t model something we aren’t living. Of making sure that our actions line up with our words- but not to wear a perfect Christian mask. To make sure our kids see that we do mess up and when we do we try to fix it- we say we are sorry. We repent of wrong attitudes and hurtful words.

As I looked into the sea of faces, I was reminded that many of them had kids who had left home. Who were living their own lives now. And many of those lives did not reflect what these parents had tried so hard to write on their kid’s hearts.

And so I reminded us all that we never quit fighting for the hearts of our kids. We do not fight with them- we fight for them. Until our last dying breath we fight for them. Our kids must know that we will never, ever, ever give up on them. That our relationship with them is too important. That our love for them is unconditional. That our desire for them to experience God will last forever in our own hearts.

Thinking of you parents and kid’s pastors out there that are fighting for your kids. Don’t give up. Keep fighting for those relationships. For those hearts. Praying for any of you who might feel discouraged, worn down, perhaps even stomped upon.

May God give you hope today. May He fill you with courage and resilience to keep on going. May you be filled with joy in the midst of the struggles.

And may each child’s heart come to know His love, His goodness, His kindness, His mercy and His grace. Yes, His grace.



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