5 Summer Boredom Busters

9 Jul

1. Mud Bath




Supplies needed: dirt, leaves, and flowers

Place in a container filled with water.

2. Sock Snake


Supplies needed: empty water bottle,
duct tape, scissors , old sock,
shallow bowl  and dish liquid soap



Cut the bottom portion of the bottle off.


Take the sock and cut  in two.


Place the bottle inside the bottom portion of the sock. Use duct  tape to secure it.



Add liquid soap and a little water to dish. Dip the sock into the soap. Blow into the bottle and  bubbles come out.

3. Ice Water Boat Race


Supplies needed:

ice tray, tooth picks, food coloring, saran wrap, paper, foil (heavy duty works best) and water hose


Fill ice trays with water. Put food coloring in each cube. Cover tray with saran wrap. Put tooth picks through wrap into water (Works best if wrap is pulled tight to keep tooth picks straight) FREEZE

Make sails out of paper.  Attach to tooth pick once frozen.


Roll out foil on ground turning  up sides slightly. Place water hose on end. Turn on low. (A slight slope helps.)


Place ice boats in water and you’re ready for a race.

4. Dinosaur Island 


Supplies needed: large container, water, dirt, rocks and toy animals


5. Paint Throwing

Thanks to Bog Me Mom


Supplies needed: butcher paper, box , tape, paint, flat container ,  items to dip and throw.

bog me mombox-paint

What Summer Boredom Busters do you do?

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