5+ Ideas for Back to School

7 Aug

5+ Ideas for Back to School

Blaine and Zacj 1st day of school

It’s that time of year again. You know the time of year when all those who love school jump for joy at their first whiff of waxy crayons- you know the ones. . .  you can find them reaching for a box and inhaling deeply in the school supply aisles. And of course there are those who sigh and resist the inevitable avoiding THAT aisle at all costs-you know them too- you can find them the night before school starts with that wild look on their face raising through the aisles silently (or not so silently) vowing to never wait until the last minute again.


We’ve got over 5 ideas for you today to make Back to School fun, memorable, meaningful or to just help you get through it. Whether a kid’s pastor, parent, teacher or day care provider- there is something for you in this list.


1.    Photographs

Take a “First Day of School” picture with the same object each year. Then post the pictures at their grad party. Yeah, I know. Planning. Commitment. Dedication. But you’ll be glad you did it. Just think strategically. (And don’t throw out that object until the last one has walked that stage.)


Each year we pulled out that easel.



 zach 7th grd

They looked forward to it. Ok, so maybe the 16 year olds didn’t so much. But a little guilt trip usually does the trick. . .

 Zach Jr


Don’t forget the last day of school.



And what to do with all these pics? Why place them on a board and show them off at the grad party.

 school picture display

I still can’t believe I pulled this off. I have two more years to go with my last child then I’m done.  That last sentence was scary.


2..  Self-Portraits

Have the kids draw a self-portrait the first day of school. Do it again the last day of school. It’s fun to see the difference in artistic skill over the year. (For you highly consistent people, do this every year and make a book with them. In case you are wondering, I did do this. Like three years and then I failed. But it was fun while it lasted.)

3. Back to School Lesson 


 Back to School Lesson-2

Great for kid’s pastors, Christian school teachers and parents to get kids thinking about how they treat their friends and teacher at school. And not just their friends- the kids that don’t have friends.


4. Stock up Now.


Kid’s pastors don’t forget to stock up on classroom supplies now during back to school sales. Killer deals await you. You’ll be glad you did it when you know- January, no glue, no markers, email box filled with supply requests.

5. How about over 50 more ideas?

Fi  Find them on our Back to School pinterest board


We’d love to hear your ideas. What do you do to celebrate Back to School or make it easier?

Have you found a great site with ideas? Put the link in a comment.


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