Preschool Storytelling: The Wise Man and the Foolish Man

15 Aug

building block house 1

Matthew 7:24-29

Supplies: building blocks, two boy action figures or puppets

Jesus loved to teach by telling stories. I am going to tell you a story that Jesus told. I am going to need your help in telling this story.

First, we need to practice making it sound like rain. I want you to start by snapping your fingers together (or tapping their fingers together). Now, rub your hands together and finally pat your hands on your legs. (It should sound like rain as they go through these motions. Let them practice for a few moments.)

We are also going to need wind. Can anyone blow really hard and make it sound like a strong wind?

I think we are ready. Here is the story Jesus told:

There was a very wise man. (Show the action figure or puppet.) He decided that he wanted to build a house. Where would he build his house? He wanted a good, strong place to build his house. So he found a strong rock. There he built his house on a rock. A rock will not move. 
It is hard. It is a great place to build a house. (As you talk about the house, build one with blocks.)

The house was finished. One day it began to rain. So the man went into the house. (Have the children start snapping their fingers. Then rub their hands together followed by 
hitting the their legs.) A huge storm came up. It rained so hard that a flood came. But the house stood strong because it was built on the solid rock. The winds blew hard against the house. (Have the kids blow.) But the house stood firm because the wise man had built his house on the rock.

Now another man came along. He was a foolish man. (Show a different action figure or puppet.) He decided that he also wanted to build a house. Where would he build his house? He decided to build his house on sand. Do you think sand is a good place to build a house? No, it is not. Sand moves and you do not want to build a house on something that moves. So, the foolish man started building his house. (Build another house with blocks.) When it was finished he moved right into the house.

It began to rain. (Have the kids go through making the rain with their hands again.) It rained so much that it began to flood. Then, the winds started blowing hard (have the kids blow.) And guess what happened to the house? It fell right down. (Have the house fall in.)

When we make right choices we are like the wise man who built his house on the rock. When we do not make good choices, we are like the foolish man who built his house on the sand.

Story is an excerpt from Huzzah for the King Jr, a twelve week preschool series on Proverbs.

Huzzah for the King Jr.

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