Monday Mornings: Ten Things I Learned From Our Intern

26 Aug

This summer one of our River’s Edge team members interned at our church. His responsibilities were wide: kid’s ministry, urban missions experience, student ministry, lawn care team, mini camp director.

Ten things I learned from our intern:

1. If you believe it is an adventure, everyone around you will believe it too.

2. Someone with a lot of energy exponentially adds to any program.

3. Placing a baby pool full of sand with buried treasure in it in the middle of the kid’s worship area really is a great idea. Yeah, the mess. So worth it.

4. Being positive goes a long way motivating a group of tired, hungry and sleep deprived teenagers.

5. If an extreme extrovert can survive the first week of an internship in a near empty church due to schedules and mission trips, they are good to go.

6. Bacon always makes a sandwich better.

7. You can get interns to believe that they have lice rather easily. Even when they don’t.

8. Four year old girls need a little extra attention. Especially when they believe the intern is their best friend.

9. Love what you do. Even going to the gas station to purchase gas for the lawn care team and mowing when some of the members don’t show up. Nothing is beneath you. Nothing.

10. Being the greatest in the kingdom of God is about thinking less of yourself and living dependent on God. Thank you intern for living this message out before you preached it.

Sometimes we need to see ministry through new eyes. Through nineteen year old eyes. And when we do. . . we often find its time to make some adjustments here and there. Take some time in the next weeks to look at your ministry through fresh eyes.

zach the intern

Zach, the intern, returned to Bethel University in St. Paul where he is majoring in missional ministry. This week we’ll share on the blog creative ideas he used while teaching Dr. Jones and the Secret of the Lost Keys this summer.


One Response to “Monday Mornings: Ten Things I Learned From Our Intern”

  1. Mikayla August 26, 2013 at 11:13 pm #

    Wow!!! That sounds like a pretty great intern! 🙂

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