10 Kid Activites For A Rainy Day

6 Sep

Kid Activites For A Rainy Day

Here are a few ways to keep kids busy during rainy days.

1. Leafy Prints 

Thanks to Cassie Stephens

leafy prints

2. Magnetic Silly Putty

Thanks to Instructables

magnetic silly putty

3. Paper Clay

Thanks to Dahlhart Lane

paper clay

4. Card Board Slide

Thanks to The Contemplative Creative

cardboard slide

5. Soap Clouds

Thanks to Our Best Bites

soap clouds

6. Mosaic Tiles

Thanks to Ideasmag

mosaic tiles

7. Invention Box

Thanks to Discover Explore Learn

invention box

8. Balloon Rocket

Thanks to Discover Explore Learn

Balloon Rocket

9. Story Bags

Thanks to Modern Parents Messy Kids


10. Flubber

Thanks to Frugal Fun Challenge


How do you keep kids busy when it rains? Let us know.

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