Decorating: Movie Theater Theme

8 Oct

This week we started Faith Studios at our church. We thought we would share some of the decorating ideas.

The space we meet in is a choir room turned kids area. We divided the room into “sections” with a big group space in the middle with the stage in front. The “sections” or “stations” are along the other three walls in the room.

stage 2

We used some extra chairs from the worship area to give a “movie theater” type feel. The black covered backdrops on the stage are props from past productions. The lights are from IKEA.

up close stage picture

The movie camera is a piñata from Hollywood Megastore.  We attached it to a camera tripod. The red carpet also comes from the same store. The director’s chair was found in someone’s basement. The megaphone and clapboard come in the Faith Studios kit from River’s Edge.

camera f s

mega phone and clap board

We decided to put the Walk of Faith on the backdrops on stage instead of the floor.


Make a fun sign for the Movie Science (Or Special Effects) Lab.

special effect lab

Put supplies in an old cabinet and decorate with signs and stars. Make it into the props department.
prop dept

For a small group time, set up table and chairs along with “Studio One” sign. The lights garland come from Hollywood Megastore.

studio one pict

Make a fun costume department. Stock it with character type hats and easy to put on accessories. Place a mirror in the area. Also, put an old frame with gold stars around it. Kids can hold it up and have their picture taken with it.

costume department

frame picture

With  a few simple props, signs and color coordination a room can easily be transformed.

faith studios picture jr faith studios pict

 Faith Studios Jr   Curriculum                             Faith Studios Curriculum


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