Science Object Lesson: Relying on God’s Power

7 Nov

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Below is an incredible science object lesson taking from our Kaboom Curriculum.

Main Point: We should rely on God’s power.
Theme Verse: Psalm 147:5 (NIV).
Time: 5-10 minutes.
Supplies: One box of raisins, two clear drinking glasses (we found these work the best), a new can of soda pop and an old can of soda pop that is flat.

Object Lesson:

Pour the new can of soda into one glass.
Pour the flat soda into the other glass.

Let the kids take turns dropping raisins into
the glasses and observing what happens.


The glass of flat soda should make the
raisins drop to the bottom. The glass of
new soda should make the raisins rise and
fall, almost slow dancing. (Be careful to
not add too many raisins to the carbonated
glass. They tend to not rise and fall as
well when there is a lot.)

Say: “The two glasses represent a person
relying on God’s power and a person
relying on their own power. Which one is

“Great is our Lord and mighty in power; His understanding has no limit.” – Psalm 147:5 (NIV).

Kaboom- Discovering Who DLD-2

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