Twenty-Five Days of Christmas

14 Nov


Imagine opening up this blog every day in December and a fun, easy and creative idea pops out at you. Ideas that sometimes are meaningful, sometimes are just silly and sometimes make you think in a different way. Ideas that might be pinterest worthy and others that might keep your sanity during a pinterest- saturated season.

Beginning December 1, we will post a creative idea, thought, or mini lesson each day all the way up through December 25. The posts will include fun for both families and kid’s pastors. They will help you keep focus on “Come, Let us Adore Him” and “Joy to the World” instead of “Santa Clause” and the “Elf on the Shelf.’  (Please- I’m not saying anything is wrong with those- just making our purpose clear.)

We would love to post some of your ideas. If you have an idea you would like to share with us, please email with a picture, the instructions or whatever we need to share the ideas. Please do not email pictures of kids unless you have permission to do so (or they are your kids).

What fun things have you done in the past that have been meaningful? Creative? Sanity saving?

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