10 Favorite Quotes from the Storyline Conference

5 Mar

1. Comfort never creates great stories.  Jon Acuff

2. Live in grace, walk in love.  Bob Goff

3. God does not take pain away but gives it meaning.  Tricia Lott Williford

4. What is rejection? An opinion and preference of someone else.  Jia Jiang

5. What does it cost us not to act? John Richmond

6. What will the world miss if you do not tell your story?  Donald Miller

7. God did not create us to live in reaction but to be co-creators of a meaningful life. Donald Miller

8. Fictional fear gives way to real regret. Jon Acuff

9. Screenwriters know only change in character is through pain. Joy is what you experience after pain changes you. Donald Miller

10. Are you spending your life avoiding the people Jesus spent his life engaging with?  Bob Goff

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