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Fun Baby Shower: Bible Doing

12 Mar


On Wednesdays, I lead a community women’s Bible study, Sojourn. We’ve been studying 1 John (lots of LOVE) and so it was time to stop Bible studying and start (in the words of Bob Goff) Bible doing.

Breaking Free is an organization in the Twin Cities (Minnesota) that helps women escape sex trafficking. We learned of expectant moms keeping their precious babies. Why not throw a baby shower for them? Of course, they wouldn’t be there but we would send pictures and gifts. And love. Always love.

Everyone brought what they could- armfuls while others could bring one or two items. Some knitted cute hats or blankets. Some brought purely practical items. Others brought toys and books and tutus. We created cards with words of encouragement, love and hope. Then groups of 3-4 put together wicker laundry baskets full of baby items for a girl or boy, placed the cards inside and a little bit of chocolate for mom. We gathered around the baskets holding tight to them and

PRAYED. . . Let this mom know your love. . . Protect this child. . . Give mom strength. . . May this child come to know You. . . Bring joy and peace into their midst. . . Let them know your grace. Amen.


Bible doing. So much better than just Bible studying.


What are you doing to inspire others toward Bible Doing? Toward loving one another?

10 Favorite Quotes from the Storyline Conference

5 Mar

1. Comfort never creates great stories.  Jon Acuff

2. Live in grace, walk in love.  Bob Goff

3. God does not take pain away but gives it meaning.  Tricia Lott Williford

4. What is rejection? An opinion and preference of someone else.  Jia Jiang

5. What does it cost us not to act? John Richmond

6. What will the world miss if you do not tell your story?  Donald Miller

7. God did not create us to live in reaction but to be co-creators of a meaningful life. Donald Miller

8. Fictional fear gives way to real regret. Jon Acuff

9. Screenwriters know only change in character is through pain. Joy is what you experience after pain changes you. Donald Miller

10. Are you spending your life avoiding the people Jesus spent his life engaging with?  Bob Goff

Visit Storyline to learn more.


Turning Disappointment Around: Singing in the Rain

4 Mar

This weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Storyline conference in San Diego. Excited to go would be an understatement. Not only was the content of the conference exactly what I was looking for. . . I love San Diego. The ocean, the sun, the food, the flowers blooming in February, the palm trees, the green grass.

I boarded the plane leaving behind this.  That would be  3 feet of snow in my front yard. And yes, it was -15 and yes it felt like -35.

ImageWhen I got to the conference, it was not sunny 75. Nope, it was 60 rainy, windy, dreary, drizzly. I came into the meeting room wet and irritated. Not exactly the trip I had imagined.

And then. . .this.


Gene Kelley Singing in the Rain

As we entered the room sopping wet, the screen was full of rain and happiness.  Watch the video here.

My mood changed. The room changed.

Suddenly the rain looked like a gift. Which to Californians. . . it definitely was in this drought season.

Sometimes it takes so little to turn a disappointment around.

What can we do in kid’s ministry to turn something around? What can we do as parents? Next time a disappointment happens look at it from a different perspective. Refocus the kids attention to something else. Realign our own thinking.

Rain can be a gift. Even when you wanted the sun.