A Season of Wonder: Light

1 Dec


This Advent season I’m focusing on wonder, something that as we grow older we often lose. Let’s approach Christmas this year with the wonder of a child. Each day I’ll post a simple idea to do with family as we wait with expectation for the Christ Child.


Turn off all the lights except the Christmas tree light (or light a candle if your tree isn’t up yet). Sit and look at the beauty of the tree for a few moments.

Read: “I have come into the world as light, so that whoever believes in me may not walk in darkness.” John 12:46

Ask: What is true about light?  What are different kinds of light? What is the first thing that God created? (Genesis 1:1- light)

Pray: Thank you God for sending Jesus to come as a light in our dark world. Help us to reflect His light by loving others.

Other things you can do:

*Go for a car ride and look at the lights in your neighborhood.

*Play flashlight hide and seek in your dark home.

*String lights in your child’s room so that every night he/she can go to sleep with the wonder of light.


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