Season of Wonder: Gratitude

2 Dec



Pause in your busy Christmas schedule to focus on gratitude. Set a timer for five minutes (or longer with older kids) and start naming all the things you are grateful for- perhaps making a list as each person shares. How many things can you come up with in five minutes? Make it a fun race to come up with 100 or more. (Encourage the family to think beyond material possessions- hugs, smiles, love)

Read: Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift! 2 Corinthians 9:15

Ask: What is God’s indescribable gift? (Jesus)  Why is it hard to describe him? How is Jesus a gift?

Pray: Thank you God for giving us a gift that is too wonderful for words. Thank you for giving us Jesus. Help us to be grateful during this Christmas season for all the gifts that you give us.

Other things to do:

*Keep a jar on the counter with small pieces of paper and a pen during the Christmas season. Every time a family member thinks of something they are grateful for, write it on the paper and place it in the jar. On Christmas Eve read all the cards in the jar.

*Send a letter to someone telling them how grateful you are for them.

*Do this activity for a Christmas gift for someone.


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