Season of Wonder: Grief

3 Dec

Have a discussion about who might be hurting or sad. Maybe it is your family- have you lost someone you loved and this is the first Christmas without them? Maybe someone in your church or school or neighborhood? People hurt for different reasons. What are some reasons that people might be sad?

Read: Jesus wept.  John 11: 25

Ask: Have you ever thought about Jesus crying? Why do you think he was crying? His friend, Lazarus, had died. He was crying with Lazarus’ sisters’ Mary and Martha at Lazarus’ tomb. Even though he knew that he was going to raise Lazarus from the dead, he was sad.

Pray: Jesus please be with those who are sad this Christmas. Comfort them in their grief. (Pray specifically for anyone you know that may have a hard time this Christmas.)

Things to do:

*Make a special ornament in honor of someone who has died this past year. Put it on your tree or give it to someone who loved that person. (A baby bootie makes a meaningful ornament for someone who has lost a baby.)

*Bake cookies and take them to  someone who might be lonely this Christmas.


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