Thank You Teachers

22 Jun

Our KidsMin teachers do a lot of work! Take a couple minutes, or an hour, or an evening to thank them for the work they do and their contribution to your church community and the lives of the children they are teaching.

Gift Cards
Caribou Gift Card

Gift cards are a great way to show your appreciation to your teachers and best of all, it is quick and easy to do! Whether it is to Caribou Coffee, Starbucks, Olive Garden, or a local ice cream shop, your teachers will appreciate the thought.



Tumblers/Mason Jars



Pick up some tumblers or mason jars from your local dollar store, fill them with coffee to go, lemonade, or tea packets a make a little tag thanking them for “filling others up” throughout the year. If using mason jars add “You’re aMASON’ Teacher”.


Burt's Bees


I love Burt’s Bees chapstick and I could not think of a more punny and cute little thank you gift that I would personally love to receive.





image1With the donut craze in full swing pick up a dozen of donuts or more. Definitely more. Who doesn’t like a donut or two? Set them aside in a room with coffee for your teachers with a sign thanking them for their time, or make these cute (and punny) individual donut doggy bags. If you can’t tell yet. I have a deep appreciation for puns.


10419381_10204715718225102_2610137774779677939_nHold a reception for your teachers and church volunteers either after church or on a Wednesday night. Cater dinner (Olive Garden is always a favorite), fire up the grill, or display desserts, and show your volunteers how grateful you are for their time and service. Conclude with a short program, picture and video highlight reel, or a small take home gift for your volunteers.

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