Teaching Preschoolers about Evangelism

18 Jul

Teaching anyone about evangelism can be challenging, but teaching five year olds can be even tougher. Here is a great object lesson that is found in our curriculum Fish Tales Jr, an entire curriculum for preschoolers about evangelism.

Fish Tales Jr. DLD-2Supplies: Tackle Box, picture of a baby, small toy, bandage, cross, and heart.

Preparation: Place the baby picture, small toy, bandage, cross, and heart in the tackle box.

Our Bible verse today says, “and how can they hear about Him unless someone tells them?” Romans 10:14. 

We want people to know about Jesus. But someone has to tell them about Jesus. Today we are going to practice telling someone about Jesus. We need to be ready to share the story of Jesus with others. 

Open up the tackle box. Hold up the picture of the baby. God created you and He loves you. He loves you so much that he sent his son down to this earth. His son’s name is Jesus. He first came to earth as a little baby. Can everyone say, “Jesus came to earth as a little baby?”

Hold up the small toy. But he did not stay a little baby. He grew up just like you are growing. And before long he was playing with toys and doing things other kids do. Say, “Jesus became a child and played just like you and me.” 

Hold up the bandage. When Jesus grew up, he traveled from place to place and taught people about God. He also healed them. He made sick people well. Just like a Bandaid helps our hurts get better, Jesus healed the hurts of the people. Say, “Jesus grew up and helped people who were hurt or sick.”

Hold up the cross. All of us have done bad things.  These things are called sin. Jesus died on a cross for our sin. If we tell him we are sorry for the bad things we have done, he will forgive us. Say, “Jesus died on the cross for our sin.” 

Hold up the heart. Jesus loves us so much. He wants to be our special friend. All we have to do is ask him. Say, “Jesus love you. He wants to be your special friend.”

Check out our Fish Tales Jr. for more ideas about evangelism at the preschool age or Fish Tales for elementary age kids.


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