Can I have your autograph?

22 Jul

How would you respond? Most people respond with dumbfounded gazes or incredulous expressions. Particularly when a fourth grader asks. Or a high school boy. This is part of the Value Project. The Value Project aims at connecting with people and letting them know that they are just as valuable any any famous person. This is a great evangelism tool that can be used at all age levels.

baseball value projectUsing baseballs, kids can get out into the community by walking around lakes or parks, at sporting events, or walking through a downtown area. Kids begin by walking up to an individual with a baseball and saying something similar to…

“Can I have your autograph? You are just as important as a famous athlete or celebrity.”

This opens up a dialogue of why they are important and that they are valuable. This often leads to spiritual conversations, or a simple offering of praying for them.

This is a great tool to integrate at any age level. The Value Project can easily be adapted or expanded to fit the goals of your group. A way to expand the project is by baking cookies or another treat, boxing it up, and presenting it to community members and thanking them for their investment in your community and their hard work. Follow up with asking for their autograph on a baseball . Kids as young as second grade have decorated boxes of cookies and walked into local businesses (as a group) with a baseball in hand ready to tell others that they are valuable. You never know the impact a kind word, gesture, or asking for an autograph can have in someone’s life.

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