Science Object Lesson

25 Jul

Supplies: Balloon and Hex Nut

Directions: Place the hex nut inside the balloon. Inflate the balloon and tie. Hold the end with the tie in one hand with the palm of the hand over the tie. Place the fingers and thumbs around the balloon. Move the balloon in a circular path until the hex nut starts spinning along the sides of the balloon, making a buzzing type sound. The sound will continue for a bit once the motion is stopped.

Spiritual Connection: Abundant Life

(Show balloon). This balloon is fairly lifeless. It just sets here. I am going to blow it up and see what happens. (Make sure the hex nut is already in the balloon. Blow up the balloon and follow the directions above to make it buzz.) This balloon is a lot more exciting now than before I blew it up. 

Our lives are a lot like this balloon. Before Jesus comes into them, we are really lifeless. However, when we give our lives to Him, we find joy and hope. Not only did Jesus come to give us eternal life, but He also came to give us a full life while we are still on earth. He wants us to really live. He does not want us to walk through each day and grumpy. He wants us to be full of joy. We find that with Jesus we can have joy in the everyday things of life. We find that He gives us strength when we are weary. We find hope for the future. When Jesus transforms our life, we come alive just like the balloon. 

“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the fullest.”  John 10:10


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