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Exciting New Updates!

13 Jun

Over here at River’s Edge we have new and exciting things happening. After a long hiatus, River’s Edge is gearing up and getting ready to bring to you new content, ideas, and inspiration –Starting this upcoming week. Keep an eye on your email inboxes Monday. For those who are on the edge of their seats in excitement, we will give you a glimpse of what is to come. BeFunky Collage.jpg

Christmas Object Lesson: Light of the World

10 Dec

Day 10: 25 Days of Christmas Ideas.

Glow in the Dark NYE (11 of 12) 

Scripture: Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”  John 8:12

Supplies: glow in dark stick or bracelet (optional), Christmas lights

Turn off the lights. Talk about how dark it is. Give out the glow in the dark items and break them so they glow. (Or turn on the Christmas lights.)

Read John 8:12. What difference does the light make in the dark? One of the names for Jesus is Light of the World. He came to earth to be a Light in the darkness of sin. When we look at Christmas lights, the lights can remind us of Jesus and His name, Light of the World.

Option for families: Drive around the neighborhood looking at Christmas lights.

10 Family Thanksgiving Ideas

25 Nov

1. Make a Gratitude Jar. Read more here.

Thanks Jar

2. Have some fun with the words Gratitude and Attitude with this simple object lesson.

3. Make a tablecloth using kid’s hand prints. Pull it out each year.

thanksgiving tablecloth


4. Play charades. Each team writes things they are thankful for on small pieces of paper. The other team draws one at a time and acts these things out.

5. Have each child stand with a chalkboard (or paper) telling something they are thankful for. Take a picture. Keep the pictures in an album and add to it each year.


6. Place a question by each table settting. During dinner go around the table and have each person answer the question. Some questions to ask:

>>What two positive words describe the person sitting on your right?

>>What is the most significant gift you have ever received?

>>Describe your most memorable Thanksgiving.

>>If you could ask any Bible character to Thanksgiving dinner, who would it be? Why?

7. Make a photo booth with Thanksgiving props. Have fun taking pics. Free downloadable props here.

Thanks to

Thanks to

8. Keep kids busy by weaving placemats. Find instructions here along with other craft ideas.



9. Go turkey bowling. Just make these bowling pins and roll a football toward the turkeys.



10. Make a gratitude journal. Each year add to it. Nothing fancy, just simple lists of what each family member is thankful for.  Think how much fun it will be to read this in the future.



Interested in more ideas? Read this or this. And find more ideas on our Pinterest board.

What have you done creative to make Thanksgiving memorable in your home?