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Encouraging Generosity: Straw Filled Manger

8 Dec

Day 8: 25 Days of Christmas Ideas

 straw in a manger

This activity is fun to do with kids to help them learn to be generous with their time in helping others. It also teaches them the joy of secretly giving to others.

Supplies: straw (raffia or yellow paper cut in strips), box

Place a piece of “straw” inside a box each time a family member “gives” to someone. (acts of kindness = giving)

It is important that they keep the act of kindness a secret! Have fun on the days leading up to Jesus quietly serving each other with a generous and giving heart.

Try to fill the manger with straw before Christmas so “baby Jesus” will have a soft place for his bed. Place a baby doll or other figure (depending on the size of the box) in the manger on Christmas morning.

straw box 2