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Apple of His Eye Object Lesson

2 Oct

apple book

Apple Object Lesson

Supplies: apple

Did you know that the Bible talks about apples? (Show the apple.) In Psalms 17:8, it says, “Keep me as the apple of your eye, hide me in the shadow of your wings.” David was praying because he had enemies that were attacking him. He knew that God was watching over him.

What does it mean to be the apple of someone’s eye? (Give kids a chance to answer.)

Let’s look at each other’s eyes. Turn to the person next to you and look in their eye. The eyeball is also called the globe of the eye. It has the iris that is the colored part, the white and the black pupil. Together the eyeball is round or apple shaped. If you look closely in each other’s eyes you can see a picture of yourself.

When we are the apple of someone’s eye, that means that we are seen by them. Not only are we seen but also the eye is known to have great value so it also means that we are precious to them, important to them and they are watching over us.

We are the apple of God’s eye. Each one of us is important to him. Precious to him. And he is watching over us.

Excerpt from Apple Of His Eye lesson from River’s Edge. Download it today to get apple trivia, bible story, application, craft, game, take home paper, snack, small group discussion, memory verse activity and creative options.

Ten Fun Things to Do With Apples.

26 Sep

1.  Make an apple sandwich. Slice apples crosswise for the “bread.” Experiment with different things in the middle: cream cheese, peanut butter (careful with allergies), raisins, chocolate chips.

applesandwich cooldge 2

2.  Cut apples in half. Dip in washable paint and stamp on a big sheet of paper. Use fingertip dipped in green to make leaves on the apples.

3.   Make a person. Find some sticks and insert into the apple for arms and legs. (Or use red licorice twists.) Attach a marshmallow on top for the head.

apple person 1

4.  Bowl with apples. Set up empty water bottles for the bowling pins. Roll an apple down a long strip of paper toward the water bottles.

5.  Hang apples from a tree with a string. Swing each apple. Have a contest to see who can catch an apple in their mouth the quickest.

6.   Make race cars. Cut the apple into segments. Place the apple cut side down on a plate. Cut grapes in half and place on the apple slice for wheels.

apple car colodge 2

7.  Make caramel apples. Use sticks (as in from a tree) instead of the normal “popsicle” sticks. Drizzle chocolate on the apples or roll in nuts or M and M’s.

carmrl apple 2

8. Glue googly eyes to an apple. Simple but fun.

9.  Make applesauce. Mix 4 apples- peeled and chopped- with ¾ cup water, ¼ cup sugar and ½ teaspoon cinnamon. Cook for 20 minutes. Mash.

10. Make a ladybug out of an apple. Cut the apple in half. Place cut side down on a plate. Make a cut in the middle ¾ of the way from the bottom to top. Spread the two pieces to form the wings of the ladybug. Place raisins on the wings using cream cheese or peanut butter to hold in place. Use small pretzel sticks for the antenna.

lady bug apple 2


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Easy Kid Friendly Apple Snacks

25 Sep

Truthful Lips

apple teeth

Supplies: apple slices, small marshmallows, whipped cream cheese, paper plates, plastic knives

colodge 2

Place an apple slice on the plate for a mouth. With a knife, place a dot of cream cheese on the marshmallow and stick it on the apple slice. Continue this until the apple slice has a line of “teeth.”

Discuss how we need to keep our lips from telling lies.

Keep your lips from telling lies. Psalm 34: 13

**Excerpt from Make Your Words Count

Apple Faces

Supplies: apple, frosting, plastic knife, gumdrops, candy corn, string licorice, candy coated chocolates

Give each child an apple. Use the frosting as glue. Make a face and hair out of the different candies attaching with the frosting.

God created each of us uniquely. Each of us has the purpose of glorifying God with the way He has created us.

Everything got started in Him and finds its purpose in Him. Colossians 1: 16 TM

**Excerpt from Kamp Kaboom

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