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Beauty In The Midst of the Pain

30 Oct


Lately it seems that everywhere I look I see beauty. The Minnesota fall that seemed to just hang there for so long. . . orange, red, yellow blazing. The smiles of women coming into Sojourn, a women’s Bible study I teach. Kids laughing over being slimed and grasping the attributes of God from Kaboom.

Those things I know as beauty.

What has surprised me, crept up on me, left me in tears. . . is the glimpse of beauty coming from the pain of women around me.

My friend who lost her 12 year old son only a month ago playing with another friend’s son. Laughing. Chasing. Giggling.  It caught me unaware. Those tears streaming as I watched how God somehow creates beauty when we least expect it. The surprise of it all.

Then there was this. A psalm written by Addie Zierman for our mutual friend Melissa. The beauty of it made me gasp.

My friend is on staff with me and if you are on a church staff that is tight. . . you know.  One of you fighting cancer feels like an assault on all of you.

And yet. . . glimpses of beauty keep popping up around me. The love that is pouring out for her. The stories of “just at the right time” someone calls, comes, brings, texts, sends. The moments when time stands still and God is there.

Please take a moment to read this psalm. . . to enter into perhaps an unknown world so you can minister better to others hurting. Or maybe you know someone fighting who needs to read this. . . . maybe that someone is you.