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Creating an Environment the Pixar Way

16 Aug


Right now the Minneapolis Science Museum is sponsoring a special exhibit called The Science Behind Pixar

The exhibit runs through Labor Day and is worth a visit. Not only do you learn about all the cool math and science behind the movies, there are lots of photo opportunities with characters from the films. My favorite part, however, was the short video clips of people who work at Pixar explaining what they do and why they do it.

A Set Supervisor told how he put things in the set that will evoke a memory in those watching. In the film, Ratatouille, you find him looking out over Paris with the Eiffel tower in the background. In A Bug’s Life the grass is made to resemble a forest. In creating these places or in placing a prop strategically, the viewer enters into the experience by past memories.

In kid’s ministry, the way we approach designing a room or decorating an area should start with asking ourselves “what kind of experience do we want the kids to have?” When we incorporate props from their everyday life, it helps them to feel comfortable and at home. Creating an area that is imaginative will lead to curiosity and open their minds to learn. Having areas with large pillows to sit on and lean against will instill a sense of calm.


I’ve found that there are a wide range of areas that can help children experience God. Finding one that is right for your ministry is the key. For some a large stage with fun lighting and high energy props works. For others rolling a special carpet out each week with hands on type props passed around a circle while the story is told in an engaging way works. Others love to create an environment that transforms a room into an Egyptian marketplace, a movie studio or a bubbling science lab.


Test Tube Fun with CSI Camp.

The key is whatever we do, let’s make sure that we are thinking about the experience we want the children to have and work towards preparing that experience long before they arrive.


What type of experience are you creating in your ministry?


Creating not surviving.

3 Apr


This afternoon I picked up a book- one in a stack of books I’m hoping to read during my 52 books in one year challenge-The Artisan Soul by Erwin Raphael McManus. I’m only on page 7 and so far I love the book. I can’t say I recommend it yet- since, yeah, only on page 7. But pretty sure this is going to be a keeper.

I had a thought I had to share. Before the weekend services start and we launch into another time of doing what we do.

McManus says, “To deny our creative nature is to choose a life where we are less and thus responsible for less. We see ourselves as created beings, so we choose to survive. When we see ourselves as creative beings, we must instead create.”

I love this.

How many of us are just choosing to survive in kid’s ministry or as parents? We were created to do this so onward we go with the task. Trying to do it and survive.

What if instead of surviving we create? What if we look at this Sunday (or Sat night or whenever you have your big event) as an opportunity to CREATE an experience for kids? To CREATE an atmosphere where they will connect with Jesus and with each other? To CREATE a venue that is safe and fun. To CREATE memories that they will carry with them.

Each of us is a creative being. We can all create in some way. The way we help kids develop relationships. The new administrative skills we use. The eye-popping props or sets that grace the kid’s ministry area. The energetic dance steps and moves we celebrate with. The stories we weave into imaginative minds. Whatever it is that is your strength, use it to create this weekend.

My desktop on my mac says simply, “CREATE” as a daily reminder. I don’t want to forget that I’m made to create. I don’t want to just survive.

How are you creating a space for kids to connect with Jesus and to each other?