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Telling The Christmas Story: Gingerbread Manger Scene

3 Dec

Day 3: 25 Days of Christmas Ideas.


 Instead of making a gingerbread house, make a gingerbread nativity scene using graham crackers.

Supplies: Gingerbread crackers, marshmallow star, large and small marshmallows, pretzel, small candy cane, small gingerbread men, teddy graham, shredded wheat, powdered sugar, Ziploc baggie, sugar, 2 eggs, cardboard, aluminum foil

Prep work: Cut a piece of cardboard approximately 9 by 9 inches. Cover with foil.

Make icing. Mix 3 cups powdered sugar and 2 egg whites. Place in baggie and twist top. Cut off corner of baggie. (Do not allow kids to eat the icing due to the uncooked egg whites.)

Adults only: The secret to a sturdy manger area is to dip the edges of the graham crackers in melted sugar. Melt sugar in pan. Dip edges of crackers in liquid sugar and stick to cardboard in form of box with one side open.

Now the kids can get involved: Place nativity pieces inside the walls or around them using icing as glue. Decorate with icing or colored candies for a “Christmas” look. Keep plain for a “realistic” look. When finished, squeeze icing on top of the walls and place a graham cracker for the roof. Place a marshmallow or chocolate star on top.

*Shredded wheat = hay, manger

*Teddy Graham = Jesus

*Gingerbread men= Joseph, Mary, Shepherds

*Candy cane = Shepherd staff

*Marshmallows = sheep

*Animal crackers = animals

*Pretzel and marshmallows = angel