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5 FREE Church Graphic Resources

7 Nov


Living in a digital age can be daunting when you don’t know where to start. To help we have compiled a list of five free resources that will enable you to effortlessly boost your Facebook page, event flyers, or church slides.

1. Canva


Canva is a free do-it-yourself graphic design website. Using an accessible interface, you can make posters, flyers, presentations, announcements, social media posts and much more. Canva was created to make design simple and with pre-designed templates you can alter, no design looks bad.


2. Church Motion Graphics


Church Motion Graphics (CMG) offers an array of colorful slides and pictures. The content is perfect for making eye popping presentations or using the backgrounds for worship slides. With hundreds of free slides CMG is a fantastic resource.


3. Freely Photos


Freely Photos is a stock photo database that focuses on resourcing churches. Split up into categories such as Bible, Prayer, Worship, Kids & Youth, and more, you can always find a picture for the right occasion. Each category is licensed under Creative Commons which means you are free to use the pictures in your own personal marketing or however you see fit.


4. PixaBay


Another free stock photo database, PixaBay boasts more than a million photographs and illustrations. The website includes a keyword search that allows you to quickly find any type of picture you may need. As with Freely Photos, PixaBay allows you to use any and all pictures free of copyright.


5. Danstevers


While the majority of content on Danstevers is actually not free, the website does include a handful of useful freebies. This list of nine different packages includes countdowns, videos, graphics, and loops. Seasonal packages are also included such as a winter themed pack and a Good Friday Collection.


We hope this list can help springboard your creativity and make the world of graphics a little easier. Have a favorite free graphics resources that didn’t make our list? Let us know what it is in the comments below!

Five Reasons to Subscribe to KidzMatter Magazine

13 Feb

Kidzmatter Magazine

One of our favorite resources is Kidzmatter magazine. We’ll give you five reasons why we think every kidmin needs this tool in their resource belt and give you an opportunity to win a year subscription.

1. The magazine is delivered in digital and/or print form. I love getting things digitally. I can look at them on multiple devices and copy and paste so easy.  I also love to have something in my hand that I can mark up, tear pages out of, pin ideas on the wall or give to someone else to read. I can have the best of both worlds with Kidzmatter.

2. Ryan and Beth Frank, the publishers, are some of the most encouraging people I know. This magazine mirrors that personality trait.

3. Most of the articles are written by people in the trenches. They minister each day in churches or other ministries. They are living what they write about.

4. There is a good mix of information within the magazine. Whether reading a short quote by a fellow kid’s minister, an in-depth article on a specialized area of kid’s ministry or a paragraph on one of the latest kid’s trends, there is something for everyone.

5. Reading the magazine inspires us to be better at what we do. It gives new ideas and new ways of doing the old ideas. It keeps us up to date on the kid’s ministry world. It is like going to a mini-conference with every issue.

Because we love this resource, we are going to give away a  one year subscription to Kidzmatter magazine. Just write a comment on why you would like to receive the magazine. We’ll do a random drawing Friday, February 21.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of the magazine from Kidzmatter.