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Gratitude Object Lesson

12 Nov

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Looking for a quick and simple object lesson to use during the Thanksgiving season?  Use this is the classroom, large group setting or at home. Just modify for your individual situation.

– Word Twist –

ƒTen pieces of colored paper, ƒ Marker or pen.

On each colored sheet of paper, write one letter from the word “GRATITUDE.” On the remaining sheet of paper write “T.”

Object Lesson:
Pick ten children to hold the letters to the word “Gratitude.”

Does anyone know what this word means, gratitude? When we have gratitude, that means we are thankful for something. We do not just expect that thing or take that thing for granted.

Sometimes it is hard to have gratitude. Can you think of a time when it might be hard to be grateful? (Give children an opportunity to respond.)

(Have the children holding the G and R sit down. Have someone stand between the A and T with another T.)

Now what word have we made? Attitude. Our attitude can help us be thankful or keep us from being thankful. What kind of attitude keeps us from being thankful?
(Have everyone but the I and the U sit down.)

When all we think about is “I,” it keeps us from being thankful. However, when we have an attitude where we think of “U,” as in others and God, we will have the right attitude to be thankful.

Be Thankful-2


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