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Newspapers, Comics and Sunday Mornings

7 Jul


One of my favorite memories of me and my dad are reading the Sunday paper together. We were both the early risers in the family and we would sprawl out on the living room floor with the paper. I would get the comics, he would get the news. I would get the Parade insert, he would get the sports. It was a quiet, peaceful time. A time to share something special together even though our interests were miles apart.

He would check his watch periodically, calculating the last possible moment to get into his Sunday clothes and start hurrying my mom and little sister along so we wouldn’t be late to church. I would stall wanting the moment to last.

Today when my father comes to visit he can’t fathom how I could not get the newspaper, especially the Sunday paper. I just smile and tell him to read the paper online. He shakes his head. And for that moment I miss the Sunday paper.

So in honor of the Sunday morning newspaper. . .

Trusting in the Lord

Supplies: newspaper- one sheet per child

Have 4-5 children come to the front of the room. Give them each a sheet of paper. Have some of the kids hold the paper straight as if reading it. Have the other kids turn the paper sideways.

I want each of you to rip your newspaper in two in a straight line. Do it quickly when I say go.

(The kids with the paper straight should be able to do this. The kids with the paper sideways will have rips going crooked.)

Some of you were able to make a straight rip and others of you made crooked rips. This newspaper reminds me of our lives. When we try to take control of our lives, our paths often look like this (show crooked rip). However, when we acknowledge that God is in control and trust Him with our loves, our paths look like this (show straight rip.)  He makes our paths straight.

Proverbs 3: 4,5 tells us to, “Trust in the Lord with all your strength and in all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight.”