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Fun Baby Shower: Bible Doing

12 Mar


On Wednesdays, I lead a community women’s Bible study, Sojourn. We’ve been studying 1 John (lots of LOVE) and so it was time to stop Bible studying and start (in the words of Bob Goff) Bible doing.

Breaking Free is an organization in the Twin Cities (Minnesota) that helps women escape sex trafficking. We learned of expectant moms keeping their precious babies. Why not throw a baby shower for them? Of course, they wouldn’t be there but we would send pictures and gifts. And love. Always love.

Everyone brought what they could- armfuls while others could bring one or two items. Some knitted cute hats or blankets. Some brought purely practical items. Others brought toys and books and tutus. We created cards with words of encouragement, love and hope. Then groups of 3-4 put together wicker laundry baskets full of baby items for a girl or boy, placed the cards inside and a little bit of chocolate for mom. We gathered around the baskets holding tight to them and

PRAYED. . . Let this mom know your love. . . Protect this child. . . Give mom strength. . . May this child come to know You. . . Bring joy and peace into their midst. . . Let them know your grace. Amen.


Bible doing. So much better than just Bible studying.


What are you doing to inspire others toward Bible Doing? Toward loving one another?