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20 Things to Do with Clothespins

17 Sep

20 things to do with clothespins copy

1. Cover the top and bottom with fun scrapbook paper.

2. Glue to a ruler or a piece of wood. Hang lost socks, art work or notes.

3. Make a caterpillar using small pom poms glued on the top. Put wiggle eyes on the end. Use pipe cleaner for antennas.


4. Use as a photograph holder. Decorate the clothespin. Clip a photo with it. Stand up on the other end of the photo.

5. Soak in Rit dye to make colored clothespins to match a room or decorations.

6. Make butterflies. Fold cupcake liners in half. Cinch together and clip the clothespin over them. Add googly eyes. Or use coffee filters and color or paint them before folding.


7. Play clothespin tag. Everyone places a clothespin on their shirt. Try to grab the clothespins off other people’s shirts. Person with most clothespins wins.

8. Make pinwheels and attach to the end of the clothespin. Attach to anything for decoration.

9. Attach to a cleaned out tuna can to make a planter. Decorate the clothespins before attaching.

planter clothespen

10. Play a game. Drop the clothespins in a wide mouthed jar.

11. Attach gift tags to gifts with a clothespin.

12. Attach notes to brown bag lunches.

paper sack 2

13. Write the days of the week on the clothespins. Use to pin up chores for each day.

14. Make a catapult.

15. Make a matching game for preschoolers.

16. Make an animal opening his mouth.

frog clothes pin

17. Place magnet on back. Clip important papers to it on the refrigerator.

18. Use for name-tags.

19. Cut out animals from magazines or draw animals. Cut off legs. Use clothespins for legs allowing the animals to stand up.

20. Organize stacks of papers: to be read, to be signed, discuss.

What are some things you do with clothespins?

10 Kid Activites For A Rainy Day

6 Sep

Kid Activites For A Rainy Day

Here are a few ways to keep kids busy during rainy days.

1. Leafy Prints 

Thanks to Cassie Stephens

leafy prints

2. Magnetic Silly Putty

Thanks to Instructables

magnetic silly putty

3. Paper Clay

Thanks to Dahlhart Lane

paper clay

4. Card Board Slide

Thanks to The Contemplative Creative

cardboard slide

5. Soap Clouds

Thanks to Our Best Bites

soap clouds

6. Mosaic Tiles

Thanks to Ideasmag

mosaic tiles

7. Invention Box

Thanks to Discover Explore Learn

invention box

8. Balloon Rocket

Thanks to Discover Explore Learn

Balloon Rocket

9. Story Bags

Thanks to Modern Parents Messy Kids


10. Flubber

Thanks to Frugal Fun Challenge


How do you keep kids busy when it rains? Let us know.

10 Ideas for Are You My Mother?

22 Aug

 are you my mother

My kids loved reading Dr. Seuss’ book, Are You My Mother?, when they were growing up. The silliness of the bird thinking that a cat or a machine could be his mother appeals to preschoolers. The book also evokes compassion for the little bird as most preschoolers know what it is like to lose sight of their mom even for a moment and the panic of trying to find her.


Ten ideas you can do in a classroom or in your home with preschoolers:

 1. Show a plastic (or real) egg. Crack it open. Ask what kind of animals come from eggs.

2. Collect stuffed animals and place them in a bag. Go through the animals asking each time if that animal could be a bird’s mother. (Make sure to add a stuffed bird to the mix.)

3. Talk about how a mother bird and a baby bird make a family. Name other families you know and name the members of that family. (In a classroom situation, have each child tell about his/her family.)

4. Read this poem and do the motions together:

          Some families are large. (Spread arms out wide.)

          Some families are small. (Bring arms close together.)

          But I love my family (cross arms over chest) best of all!

5. Pray thanking God for family. Name each family member and ask God to bless that family member.

6. Collect stuffed animals or action figures to represent each family member. Have the child say each family member and the relationship they have. Example: This is Kailie. She is my sister.

7. Act out the story. Have your child be a bird hopping from one thing in your house to another asking, “Are you my mother?” Finally, have the child ask you that question.

8. Eat gummy worms for a snack. Talk about how a mother bird feeds her baby bird.

9. God made each family special. Ask your child what is special about his/her family.

10. Make a bird’s nest using blankets, pillows and other cushy materials. Have fun snuggling in the nest and reading more books together.


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