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Five Reasons For Kids To Use The Jesus Bible

16 May


Every so often I will have a parent ask for a recommendation for a Bible for their child. A new Bible, The Jesus Bible by Kidz Bibles, is one that I would recommend.

1. The main premise of the Bible is to “Discover Jesus in every book of the Bible.” At the beginning of each book there is a short section titled “Where is Jesus in this book?” I love how this section helps to paint the picture of the Bible being God’s story of reconciling with man through Jesus.

2. The overview for each book is concise, interesting and informative. Listing the major stories within the book on this overview page is a simple way to engage kids.

3. The timeline of Jesus’ life in the front of the Bible along with a simplified family tree gives kids a context for the stories that they read.

4. Special sections throughout the Bible give lists about Jesus. Parables He taught, I am statements He made, etc. Kids love lists! (I do too)

5. Many of the books end with a “Live Like Jesus” section applying what the book was teaching to how we live our lives as followers of Jesus. Also, there are little boxes within the chapters where a few sentences will point out how Jesus was revealed in that chapter.

Our job as teachers, pastors, parents, and mentors is to point kids toward Jesus. This Bible has many built in resources that will help kids see Jesus throughout Scripture and how these Scriptures relate to their own lives.