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Five Tips For A Successful Training Meeting

25 Mar


No one wants to attend a training meeting that feels like a waste of time. Here are five tips that will go a long way in making sure your next training meeting is a success:

1. Have a clear beginning and end time advertised. Stick to it. Trust is eroded when people realize that they cannot count on someone to do what they have said they would do. If attendees have questions at the end of the meeting, dismiss the group as a whole and answer questions of those who would like to stay longer.

2. Be able to articulate in one sentence what the meeting is for.  “We are meeting to learn the new check in system.”  “We have been discouraged so this meeting will be a time of encouragement by reminding the teachers why we do what we do.”  “We will be hearing a speaker who will educate us on social media use among preteens.”

3. Provide a visual tool for those who are not auditory. Handouts, power point or prezi presentation, charts, and object lessons go a long way in keeping people’s attention. Be creative. Use a theme for the meeting- how about a recent kid’s movie or a favorite sports team in your community?

4. Make the training practical. Tie the information back to your own church. How does this affect the kid’s ministry? How does this affect the parents? How does this affect the community around the church? Make connections between ideas and real life.

5. Food. Recently during a training meeting, I said that I would be doing some training through email so as not to kill our volunteers with meetings. One of them piped up with, “If you bring food like you just did we don’t mind.”  Don’t bring doughnuts from the gas station. Bring bagels and cream cheese from Panera. Have a favorite cook create a breakfast, lunch, or dinner buffet. Make it special. Present it in a way that speaks this:  “You are important. We appreciate you enough to spend time making this an excellent event.”

Find ideas for food here and volunteer appreciation gifts here.

How do you make your training meetings successful?