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Dr. Seuss and the Bible

10 Oct

Excerpt from Dr. Seuss and the Bible parent ebook:    

 When my children were preschoolers they especially loved to read certain books over and over again. When reading Hop on Pop, they would always want to stop and run and hop on their dad lying on the floor. This activity became a ritual part of reading the book. When we read Green Eggs and Ham, we tried a meal of green eggs concocted from real eggs and green food coloring and of course, a side of ham. Whenever we read Where the Wild Things Are, we would turn on music and dance around like monsters, once even making monster masks to wear. Books have a way of weaving themselves into kid’s lives. Even in an age where a preschooler can probably operate a DVD player, computer and maybe even an iPad better than their parents, books still captivate kids.

     The appeal of books is rooted in the story they tell. While the art work is an appealing feature, if done well, the story is what drives the book. Jesus knew the power of a story and used it frequently when teaching. He knew that stories have the ability to influence a person’s thinking.  Stories also tend to bring out an emotional response in us. Within that emotional response, an opportunity to learn something about life resides.

     Cuddle up in a chair with your child and share a good book. Then create warm, fun and memorable moments with activities that reinforce the biblical truth found in the book. The learning and influence that these moments hold will last a lifetime.