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Simplifying Christmas: Three presents

7 Dec


Day 7: 25 Days of Christmas Ideas.

3 presetns

 Sometimes Christmas just seems to be too much.

The number of gifts a child receives can be overwhelming to them. At first it seems like fun- all those gifts. But then truthfully the value of each gift is lowered. Keeping things simple makes each gift more valuable.

Sometimes as parents we can equate how much we love our children with how much we buy for them. Perhaps, we should buy less because we love them. Creating moments where children can truly enjoy a gift and be appreciative for what they are given might be the best gift we can give them.

One idea for simplifying Christmas is to limit the number of presents given to each child to three. Use the wisemen’s gifts as a model:

Gold- something special (toy)

Frankincense- spiritual (book, Bible, What’s In The Bible video)

Myrrh- practical (clothing, boots, hair stuff)

What have you done to simplify gift giving in your family?