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Melting Head Object Lesson

6 Jan

Spiritual Connection: Believing God’s Promises

Supplies: Styrofoam head (available at beauty supply stores), acetone, spray bottle, markers, disposable aluminum pan

Preparation: Draw a face on the head with the markers. Place the head in the aluminum pan.

WARNING!!! Acetone is highly corrosive. This activity should only be done outside or in a highly ventilated area. Also, the acetone will eat through material, the finish on wood, etc. So be careful.

Have you ever seen a special effect in a movie when something started melting away? We are going to see if we can get this head to melt away. (Start spraying the acetone on the head. The Styrofoam will start melting and the head will disappear into a puddle of goop.)

Sometimes we allow what other people say to eat away at our thinking just like this. We may believe in God’s promises but then if someone laughs at us, we might start doubting. For instance God has promised us that if we ask Him for forgiveness of our sins, He will forgive us. But someone can bring up something we have done and make us feel bad about it. Instead of believing that God has forgiven us, we can feel guilty about it. Or maybe we believe God’s promise that one day we will live in heaven. Maybe someone laughs at us for believing in God or in heaven. We might let that laughter bother us and we might start doubting. We do not want our faith to look like this head, slowly melting away when people make fun of us or do not believe what we believe. We need to stand firm in what we believe. We need to do like the Bible verse says to “hold tightly without wavering.”

Next time you might feel like giving into doubting God’s promises, remember this head. Instead of melting down with doubt, make a choice to believe.

Let us hold tightly without wavering to the hope we affirm, for God can be trusted to keep his promise. Hebrews 10:23 (NLT)

Excerpt from Faith Studios Curriculum