Three Great Decorating Ideas for An Egyptian or Ancient Market

27 Aug

These ideas for Dr. Jones and the Secret of the Lost Keys were used recently at Prairie Oak Community Church in their kid’s worship area.

     1. Entrance to an Egyptian building.


Use rolls of brown paper and thick Sharpie markers. Draw hieroglyphics on the paper. Hang the paper on a wall.

egyptian building

To make the pillars on either side of the door, the cabinets are turned around and covered with paper. Black foam board was placed in between the cabinets. The hieroglyphic paper was stapled to the wall.

  2. Ancient tent


Regular camping type canopy was erected. Long pieces of material were draped from the sides. The fabric on the sides of the canopy was stapled to a thin board and heavy-duty twist ties were used to secure it to the canopy frame. The curtains in front were threaded through the frame. A rug was placed on the ground. An old chest was placed in the back. Cheap pillows (around $3.00) were covered with pillowcases and sewn shut. Some had trim added to them.


These pillows were used as “chairs” for seating for the kids.

      3. Market place

marketplace 2

marketplace up close

Start with tables. Cover with a brown tablecloth. Overlap burlap bags on top. Use wooden boxes and other containers for the shelving. Stack baskets full of fake fruit and veggies on the table. Drape sheer cloth over the top. Old vases, birdcages and rugs work well in this area.


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