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Amazing Super Bowl Decorating Ideas

27 Jan

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Are you ready for the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl Sunday is a great opportunity to add some excitement into your ministry after the start of the year. Make an event on Facebook, personally call families you haven’t seen in your ministry in a while, and grab The Big Game Curriculum Lesson. The only thing left to do is start decorating for the day!

For Super Bowl 50, using The Big Game curriculum lesson, we put on an amazing children’s ministry event and decorated to match. Below are some ideas for you to make your Sunday amazing!

Welcome With A Grand Entrance


From the moment you walked into the doors the rivalry felt real. Make signs using the teams colors and put them on opposite sides. You can print small logos or make it a photo opportunity and go big like we did!

Make A Super Bowl Play Area


What’s a football event without some footballs? We used pool noodles to make a field goal that kids could try to kick through. We also set up cones for drills and placed footballs all over the area for play time!


Stage Design Is Key


Children were allowed to go on stage and put a football on the team they believed would win. Make interactive areas that go beyond kicking or throwing a ball. Have stations with a football craft.

Decorate Everywhere


Footballs and Super Bowl party designs were posted in the hallway and all over the room. Sports tunes blasted on the sound system and past Super Bowl highlights played on the big screen. The entire environment should scream FOOTBALL.

Grab The Big Game Curriculum Lesson


Using the biblical example of Paul and the sport of football children will learn the importance of keeping their eyes on Jesus and finishing the game strong. Grab a free Football Object Lesson taken from this curriculum unit.

What are you planning on doing for the Super Bowl this year? Comment below with your plan and decorating ideas! 

3 Resolutions for your Church Ministry in 2019

18 Jan


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January is only halfway over and most New Year’s Resolutions have already failed.

According to Jon Acuff in his book Finish: Give Yourself The Gift of Done, 92 percent of all New Year’s resolutions fail. Not because people don’t try to accomplish them, but because perfectionism stagnates growth and the resolution sputters to a halt.

Below are three simple resolutions to implement in your church ministry that are both achievable and significant.

Resolution #1 – Learn Something New About One Attendee Every Week. 

In children’s ministry this can be both easy to accomplish and forget.  However, committing to learn one new thing about a child each week can make a major impact. What video game are they into this month? Who do they want to be like when they get older? Why are corndogs their favorite meal? Simple questions allow you to connect with the individuals who are attending your ministry on a personal level and send the message that you care about them.

Resolution #2 – Make One Big Ask A Month

Big asks can be terrifying. Asking that volunteer to take on leadership responsibilities, inquiring with a parent if they would prep all the material for your ministry, calling a business to check if they would allow you to use their space for free. Yet scripture is clear that Christ has empowered us with the Holy Spirit which, as it says in 2 Timothy 1:7:

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.” – 2 Timothy 1:7

Each month in 2019 make a big ask. The worse thing that could happen is for that person to decline and the best is beyond imagination.

Resolution #3 – Try One New Thing

It feels good to have a ministry that is running effectively and efficiently. The dangers of this happening is that stagnation can set in. Simply doing the same thing you did this year as in 2018 can be an easy way out. Instead, plan to try one new thing this year in your ministry. I don’t mean a little thing like serving tea instead of coffee. I mean something major. Change how your small group operates, host one major church event, build an interactive experience for kids. Shake things up and try one new thing.

Small change can make a major impact. You can’t lose twenty pounds in one week, but in the course of a year you can adjust your diet and exercise to accomplish your goal. Pick one of the resolutions above and start making small changes. In one year you will see the fruit of the small but important changes.

Let us know which Resolution above you picked or if you have a different New Year’s Resolution that is still going strong! Want help on resolution #3? Check out our blog post form last year about Five Ways To Create a Fun Kidmin Environment.

5 Ways To Instantly Recruit Volunteers

28 Aug

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It’s that time of the year again.

Every program in the church is gearing up for a major fall kick-off. In children’s ministry, this is one of the biggest times of the year. We will see families return after summer vacation and from the environment to the curriculum, we make sure everything is ready.

The only problem? We hope we have enough volunteers to welcome families – let alone run Sunday morning.

I will admit it, volunteer recruitment can be the most challenging part of ministry, yet also the most rewarding. No matter how well recruitment is accomplished, it always seems as if we could use one more volunteer.

If you feel as if you have exhausted all your avenues for new volunteers and are still running up short, below is a list of ways I have had success opening up new pipelines for people to start serving in the children’s ministry. While not exhaustive, use this list as a springboard for your own endeavors in recruitment this fall.

1. Youth Ministry – This might be a no brainer, but have you really considered involving teens in a serving role? If your church has a youth pastor, connect and talk about how to get more teens connected into the ministry. This might involve you speaking on a Wednesday night about serving or having the youth pastor hand pick a few key teens to start serving in some capacity.

2. Colleges – No matter where your church is located, you probably know of a few colleges or universities in the area. If they are Christian, great! Call the church connections department and see if they have a church fair you could attend. If it is a secular university, find out if they have any Christian clubs you could speak at. Don’t disregard eager students because the university is a ways away. If asked, college students wants to serve, especially if you provide breakfast or lunch before or after they serve.

3. Small Groups – If you belong to a Bible study or small group, see if anyone connected will serve. If you lead the group, make serving in the church a priority. Not that the group needs to serve in the children’s ministry, but to create a healthy culture of service. See if you can drop by any other small groups and take up a short amount of time casting vision and making the ask for more volunteers.

4. Social Media – Personal asks always go beyond general asks. However, if your church has a media platform, why not do a week long children’s ministry blitz? Show pictures of adults and teens serving in your ministry while providing clear steps in how to get plugged in.

5. Your Current Volunteers – Think about it. If each one of your current volunteers was able to find one more volunteer (a friend, spouse, small group member, etc.) each year, you would never run out of people serving in your ministry. The people currently serving in your ministry are your best resources to recruit more volunteers. Ask or challenge your current volunteers to connect with one person this year and bring them onboard the team.

I hope this list gives you some ideas to grab a few last minute volunteers as we dive into this school year. Next week will continue the discussion on volunteers as we explore how to develop a healthy team culture.

What is your best practice when it comes to volunteer recruitment? Share your strategies below!