Object Lesson: God is Eternal

5 Nov


Supplies: Rock

How many of you have ever dropped a

rock like this into a pond or lake?

 water 3

What happened when you did?

Ripples occurred. They started small,

just a circle around the rock. But, as

they went farther away from the rock,

the ripples got bigger and bigger. Did

they go on forever? (No, the shore

stopped them.)

Our lives are like this rock. The things

we do or say cause a ripple effect.

Something simple like smiling at

someone and saying something kind

can cause a ripple. For instance, if

someone is having a tough time, your

smile can make them feel better. That

person, in turn, will treat others nicer

and it will continue.

 Other times it is something big like

deciding to follow Christ. When we

make that decision, it will make ripples

forever. We will influence people that

will influence others people and that

will keep going. When you grow up

and have children, you will tell them

about Christ and they will tell their

children. The ripple effect of your

decision will go on forever, all the way

to heaven.

 Think about your life. Are the ripples

that your life make pleasing to God?

Will they make a difference eternally?

God is eternal and those of us who

follow Him will live with Him for all

eternity. So, we should be making a

difference in people’s lives that will

make an eternal difference.


But You, O Lord, are enthroned forever; and the

fame of Your name endures to all generations.

Psalm 102:12

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