Preschool Science Object Lesson: God is all knowing.

6 Nov

Supplies: White piece of paper for each child , ƒƒInk pad , ƒƒCleaning wipes and ƒƒMagnifying glass


Have each child make a set of fingerprints. To make a good fingerprint, have the child press his finger onto the ink pad and roll it to either side.


Then, place the finger on the white paper and roll it from one side to the other.

mag glass 2

finger print mag

After making the fingerprints, use a magnifying glass to examine the prints.

Did you know that no two people in the world have the same fingerprint? Each person has a different fingerprint. All of your fingerprints are different. But did you know that if God looked at a fingerprint, He would know whose fingerprint it is? He knows about each one of us. He knows everything there is to know about us. Isn’t God amazing?

Object lesson  can be found in the Kapop PreSchool Curriculum

The Lord searches every heart.
I Chronicles 28:9b

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