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5 FREE Church Graphic Resources

7 Nov


Living in a digital age can be daunting when you don’t know where to start. To help we have compiled a list of five free resources that will enable you to effortlessly boost your Facebook page, event flyers, or church slides.

1. Canva


Canva is a free do-it-yourself graphic design website. Using an accessible interface, you can make posters, flyers, presentations, announcements, social media posts and much more. Canva was created to make design simple and with pre-designed templates you can alter, no design looks bad.


2. Church Motion Graphics


Church Motion Graphics (CMG) offers an array of colorful slides and pictures. The content is perfect for making eye popping presentations or using the backgrounds for worship slides. With hundreds of free slides CMG is a fantastic resource.


3. Freely Photos


Freely Photos is a stock photo database that focuses on resourcing churches. Split up into categories such as Bible, Prayer, Worship, Kids & Youth, and more, you can always find a picture for the right occasion. Each category is licensed under Creative Commons which means you are free to use the pictures in your own personal marketing or however you see fit.


4. PixaBay


Another free stock photo database, PixaBay boasts more than a million photographs and illustrations. The website includes a keyword search that allows you to quickly find any type of picture you may need. As with Freely Photos, PixaBay allows you to use any and all pictures free of copyright.


5. Danstevers


While the majority of content on Danstevers is actually not free, the website does include a handful of useful freebies. This list of nine different packages includes countdowns, videos, graphics, and loops. Seasonal packages are also included such as a winter themed pack and a Good Friday Collection.


We hope this list can help springboard your creativity and make the world of graphics a little easier. Have a favorite free graphics resources that didn’t make our list? Let us know what it is in the comments below!


Fun Family Christmas Eve Games

24 Dec

Day 24: 25 Days of Christmas Ideas

card game

Hands down the best family games we have ever played are the Minute To Win It Games. Check this Christmas one out.  The official website has instructions and even videos to help you find easy, quick and family friendly games for Christmas Eve.

card 2

Giving the Gift of Words

9 Dec

Day 9: 25 Days of Christmas Ideas

gift of words

Looking for a meaningful gift that is more valuable than anything you could buy? Consider giving the gift of words.

Our church did this last year and I was surprised by just how much it meant to those in my own family who received this simple expression of love. We made a set of cards (52 cards- one per week of the year) for each grandparent in our family. Each of our five family members wrote things such as “I love to hear you tell stories” or “I remember when you used to listen to me when I came home after school each day” or “You have been such an example of Jesus to me.”

We thought it would mean something to our loved ones, but had no idea just how much. They told us they didn’t realize that different things we wrote meant so much to us. They kept the cards and reread the notes throughout the year. One grandpa mixed them all together and each day read one of the cards. He said he didn’t even know if he had read them all yet. One grandma opened them all on the spot. She kept reading them all year.

Of all the things that our family has done for others, this was by far one of the most meaningful to the recipient. It also gave us the opportunity to stop and think of all the reasons we appreciate, admire and love those family members. Sometimes we forget to stop and tell people the important things. Consider taking the time this year to give an expression of love through your written words.

Supplies: small white cards with the words “You are a gift” printed in red, white coin envelopes, larger white envelope

Write a memory or something the child likes about the relative on the card. Place it in one of the coin envelopes. Have the entire family help do these creating 52 cards- one per week. For relatives on fixed incomes, consider putting gift cards or cash in some of the cards. Place all the cards in the larger envelope.