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What’s The Real Deal About the Nativity Set?

22 Dec

Day 22: 25 Days of Christmas Ideas

Watch Retooning Christmas to learn the truth behind the nativity scene. It’s a fun cartoon based video packed with meaning. All members of the family will love it. And it might just open up a ton of dialogue around that nativity scene in the corner of your room.


Christmas Ornament: Star

21 Dec

Day 21: 25 Days of Christmas Ideas

Make this simple star ornament. It is a great craft idea for a Christmas party at church or to keep kids busy while last minute preparations are being completed in the kitchen on Christmas Day.


3 white pipe cleaners (per child), various beads in white and gold, gold ribbon

Twist two pipe cleaners together at their middle to form an “X”. Place the third pipe cleaner horizontal over the X and twist around to hold in place.

String the beads on each of the six pipe cleaner halves, making a design with the beads. For a smaller star, cut the ends of the pipe cleaners to the desired length. After all the beads are on the pipe cleaners, bend the end around the last bead to keep it in place.

Tie the gold ribbon to an end, making a loop for a hanger.

Christmas Trivia: How Much Do You Know About Sheep?

20 Dec

Day 20: 25 Days of Christmas Ideas

Ask these trivia questions to learn more about sheep and the shepherds that were watching their flocks on that first Christmas night.

A male sheep is called a

a. John

b. Ram

c. Roger

d. Nick

Answer: b

A female sheep is called a(n)

a. Anne

b. Nanny

c. Ewe

d. Teddy

Answer: c

A baby lamb can identify its mother by her

a. Bleat

b. Feet

c. Eyes

d. Breath

Answer: a

Sheep can eat grass close to the ground without pulling out plant roots because

a. They have a full set of teeth

b. They have no teeth, they just gum the grass

c. They have no top front teeth but the roof of their mouth is hard

d. They use scissor like front teeth

Answer: c

A sheep that has rolled over on its back is called

a. A cast sheep

b. A lazy sheep

c. A sleeping sheep

d. An upside down sheep

Answer: a

When a sheep has rolled onto its back,

a. It is in its most comfortable position

b. It is taking a nap

c. It looks really cute

d. It must be helped back onto its feet as it will become distressed and die within a short time

Answer: d

Sheep have a strong instinct to

a. Follow the leader even if the leader jumps off a cliff

b. Imitate dogs

c. Break out dancing at a moment’s notice

d. Play dead

Answer: a

When sheep are faced with danger

a. They will turn and fight to the death

b. Their natural instinct is to flee to avoid being eaten

c. They will play dead

d. They faint

Answer: b

Sheep tracks are never straight. Walking in winding trails allows sheep

a. To not get bored

b. To confuse predators

c. To make pretty designs in the fields

d. To observe their backside first with one eye and then the other. They can spot danger this way

Answer: d

Sheep do not show pain because

a. They do not feel it

b. They have no nerve receptors

c. They would be more vulnerable to predators who look for the weak and injured

d. To show pain would make the other sheep not like them

Answer: c

How did you do? Now you can call yourself a sheep expert.

Excerpt from Dirty Jobs Bethlehem