Monday Mornings: 2 Kids and A Children’s Ministry

18 Mar

We ventured into an urban church in the Minneapolis area one night. 5 pm. Expecting a large congregation, charismatic choir, a Word from God. Wanting these suburban kids to see what the Kingdom of God looks like outside their own little world. Stepping gingerly over ice patches and snow banks to find the entrance. Wondering where all the people were. . . much like that old rhyme from childhood we would change- Here is the church, there is the steeple, open the door and where’s all the people.

The people.

15 to be exact.

No choir. Recorded music. A dear pastor preaching the Word with all he had. Just as if his congregation was 1500.

He dismissed the kids to go to their class. A total of 2 stood and left with an adult.

And when we arrived home, my 16 year old son who had grown up doing all things kid’s ministry- living, breathing it- asked, “Why did 2 leave? Why do it for 2?”

Why do it for 2?

That question ringing in my ears. Why for 2?

And this morning, I thought- some of you are getting up and facing the reality that yesterday there were only 2. Maybe only 1.

And I imagined you. . . teaching like it was 100. 1000.

In this culture of more is better- numbers are everything-hang your success on how large your ministry is. . . sometimes Mondays are hard. We wonder. Is it enough?

It is.

Real suuccess is measured by fulfilling the purpose that God gave you-not the numbers. And if that purpose is to lead that class of 2, then it is enough.

But do it with all you have. Do it with the Holy Spirit filling you. Prepare well. Pray hard. Give every ounce of energy you have in that moment.

Because those 2 are well worth it.

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