Make These Fun Christmas Story Snacks

12 Dec

Day 11 and 12: 25 Days of Christmas Ideas

Yesterday was one of THOSE days in ministry. So how about two different snack ideas to do with the kids? We did both of these to complement Dirty Jobs Bethlehem, our Christmas curriculum.

Graham Cracker Manger


Supplies: frosting, graham crackers, pretzels, Cheerios

Form a manger using graham crackers and frosting. Put a mixture of pretzels (hay) and Cheerios (oats) inside the manger.

When we did this snack/craft, we found the kids experimenting with different ways to make the manger. They also made people out of the pretzels and crackers.

Shepherds in The Fields At Night


Supplies: Graham crackers, frosting, white chocolate chips, M & M’s

Optional: Buy or make white frosting. Drop green food coloring into the frosting to make a green field.

Spread a layer of frosting on the graham cracker. Place the white chips on the frosting to represent sheep. Place the M & M’s on the frosting to represent the shepherds watching the sheep.

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